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Locksmith in Guelph fixes fire exit door with a keyless lock for security and convenience

Jesse from Pop-A-Lock Southwestern Ontario was called out to provide a solution for a customer.  The door is in pretty bad shape and could use some TLC for sure.  Jesse installed a Schalge CO-100.  This lock is ideal for doors needing a secure, non-keyed offline solution where a credential system is not in place.  The business owner and staff can enter the property with a 3-6 digit pin code that is programmed at the lock.  These particular locks can store up to 500 unique codes.  Like all electronic access controlled solutions, the CO-100 reduces and eliminates the need to issue keys to anyone.  This lock is compatible with common brands of exit devices.  If you have an exit door in your office or retail space that requires security and convenience, call Pop-A-Lock to review your options.